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I am Fani Konstantinou. 


I am a storyteller; lover of visuals; of people; of culture.


My film work has a strong narrative and performance base, I like to focus in on the human experience across different cultures; finding and developing the little idiosyncrasies to create rich characters and bring their stories to life, visually, on screen, in the theatre or through photography.


I started out in Athens, as a copy writer in advertising. My love of language and cultural exploration took me to Spain, where I studied cinema and scriptwriting.


During my time in Spain I have worked in various areas of the audio visual industry - both in advertising and short film.


As a self shooting director and photographer, I worked with a variety of brands such as Epson, Cabify and Nissan as well as a lot of different small businesses, always focusing on collaboration and understanding. I liked to work together with my clients to achieve the most creative and relevant content from idea conception, through to delivery of the final film. I have also worked on larger commercial projects in roles ranging from research and treatment development through to 3rd AD and making of Director. 


My love of people and their stories also took me into street casting - working with international production companies, filming in Spain. I care deeply about the projects I work on and the people I work with. This along with my positive solution-based attitude gives me the ability to connect and build trusting relationships with different communities, whilst at the same time recognising the standout characters that will bring something special to the project, both in terms of their look and personality. I support the cast through out the process which in turn allows the directors to get the best possible performance from non actors.


During the Covid pandemic I relocated to the countryside of Northern Spain. I spent time working away from the offices and computers so normal in the city life I was used to. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn about the community there and build relationships with people living very different lives from my own pre-pandemic existence. In parallel, I used my time to read, a lot, I liked to explore different texts around the theme of theatre and cinema, as well as reading varied types of scripts. I am currently taking a course in interpretation where we write, breakdown and perform various pieces of theatre whilst learning to use our bodies in physical and emotional expression. This experience had a profound effect on me and how I see the world, I plan to use this to develop richer dialogues and explore the concept of conflict in new ways through my work.


I am now looking to relocate back to Greece and focus on developing myself as a scriptwriter with a view to directing films and theatre in the future, as well as collaborating with other scriptwriters and creatives to develop fiction film projects.  


20004 - 20009

Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Education and Psychology

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Atenas

2011 - 2013

Diploma Film Direction

Cinema School - Ciudad de La Luz Studio, Alicante

2011 - 2013

Master Film Scriptwriting 

University Carlos III, Madrid


The last dance, Fictión 6´

Best Shortfilm Melitón Workshop Content Festival: Navarra Film Festival, Spain


Fiction 15´

Best Shortfilm
See a Paris Festival, Francia

Special Mention ‐ Experiencias Migratorias FIC ESMI, Argentina

Best Scriptwriting
Kingston Arts London Student Festival, UK

Special Mention Best Woman in Film ̈
Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival, UK


18 Frames

Fiction 10´

Beijing Student Film Festival

Amirani International Film Festival

Praga 18th Zlaty Voci Film Festival

Cinema Jove de Valencia

Festival de Alicante

Contact Me

+30 694 093 6538

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